Photoreactors for feasibility studies / Process development

Application based, unique photoreactors as toolkit for different photochemical reactions

How you can take advantage of photochemistry in research and development using a sophisticated system

MPDS®, which stands for ‘Modular Photochemical Development System’, describes the modular system as standard for photochemical trials in the lab. The MPDS®BASIC product range covers application-oriented photoreactors and radiation sources for photochemical reactions, that have been specially developed for basic trials and feasibility studies on a laboratory scale.

From batch to semi-batch through to Conti Flow photoreactors, we supply the entire range as standard. This includes falling film-, tubular-, side-loop- and micro- photoreactors. Depending on the application, you can choose from photoreactors with a volume of 2 ml to 5.000 ml.

Modular Photochemical Development System Basic

Build the MPDS® that fits to your requirements

Photoreactors for process development

Automated process development for reproducable and fast results in a modular toolkit

The implementation of a photochemical process from laboratory to production scale is impossible without the prior investigation of fundamental photochemical process parameters. By using the MPDS® in miniplant technology at the lab it is now possible to determine all photochemically relevant process parameters, such as the space-time yield, reaction kinetics, selection of suitable solvents, concentration and spectral absorption coefficient, optical path, etc. in a structured and reproducible way under supervision. In addition, different photochemical process methods can be compared and evaluated side by side.

With this, it is possible to select the correct application optimized industrial photoreactor out of the portfolio of Peschl and thus it is easy to transfer the process into commercial scale. Photochemical reactions which are already performed in industrial scale can be traced and afterwards optimized in detail in the laboratory (down-scaling). With the reaction optimized and safe photoreactors from Peschl, you are getting a highly efficient photochemical production plant with exceptional productivity.


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