LED Photoreactors

Peschl started a development program back in 2017 and finally invented a special proprietary LED technology. With the inventions made, Peschl was able to eliminate lifetime problems due to volatile organic compounds (VOCs), eliminated near field reflexion issues, increased the photonic output and realized the required thermal de-coupling. Today Peschl Ultraviolet offers a wide range of robust and reliable industrial scale LED Photoreactors which have been qualified successfully under harsh industrial conditions. All commercial scale LED photoreactors are available as flameproof (ATEX certified) versions with dimming and safe shutdown technology.

Peschl has developed an innovative LED technology with the same refractive index as the glass immersion tube. The design is made to create a very homogeneous light pattern to avoid dark zones and hot spots. LED photoreactors are available with a power consumption of up to 5 kW per LED lamp, which is equivalent to 30 kW medium pressure lamps. Available wavelengths range from 365 nm to 625 nm with efficiencies of up to 60%.