How you can take advantage of photochemistry in research and development using a sophisticated system

All photochemically relevant wavelengths

We supply all types of lamps and doping as standard products. This means that we cover the entire spectral frequency range for the photochemistry in use, both UV radiate sourcepolychromatically or monochromatically. Innovative light sources such as xenon radiation sources or LEDs represent the cutting edge of technology in our photoreactors. We essentially supply the relevant spectral energy distribution data for all radiation sources.

Choose the appropriate standard photoreactor

From batch to semi-batch through to conti-flow operation, we supply the entire range as standard photoreactors. This includes side-loop photoreactors, falling-film photoreactors, agitated photoreactors and plug-flow photoreactors. Depending on the application, you can choose from photoreactors with a volume of 2 ml to 5000 ml for laboratory trials.

MPDS Baisc Photoreactors

Extensive filter systems

Filter-UV-SpectrenAlongside standardised optical-cut-off filters and filter liquids, we also provide the option of insulating individual wavelengths for screening by means of band-pass filters. This makes it possible to determine their relevance for the photochemical reaction and recognise any unwanted secondary reactions.

Thermal decoupling decides

Alongside cold radiation sources, a sophisticated, modular cladding tube system is available for the thermal decoupling of the lamp from the reaction medium. The innovative MPDS® screwing system prevents glass fastening elements from caking and can be applied with a maximum pressure of 0.5 bar. The diameters of the cladding tubes are optimised for photochemical reactions. Easy to clean thanks to fully demountable cladding tubes instead of double wall sleeves that are merged together, perfectly suited to CIP cleaning.

Safe to operate and yet practical to use

Use of protective casing is compulsory so as to comply with the legal industrial safety requirements. It is completely safe to perform photochemistry in the photonCABINET (safety cabinet) and yet still practical. Special attention was paid to simple sampling and the uncomplicated insertion of sensors and actors such as stirring tables and dosing pumps. For example, encoded connectors ensure the correct electrical connection. The standard photoreactor systems are supplied fully wired and can be used immediately. With a footprint of 472 x 475 mm only, the system takes little space on the bench and still fits into a standard fume hood.

Modular system

Photoreactors, cladding tubes and radiation sources are compatible with each other in the modular system and are therefore interchangeable. Application-optimised photoreactors can be exchanged cost-efficiently, while the lamps and cladding tubes can be retained. By freely positioning the radiation sources in the cladding tube using the innovative high-tension mechanism, it is possible to use the components in a range of different sized photoreactors. An extensive product range of perfectly matching components, such as chemically resistant process and metering pumps, agitators, various sensors – e.g. for flow, temperature, pH / redox – as well as jacketed vessels are available in the modular system. Thus we offer a customizable and expandable process development system that you can use right away.

Process development and up-scaling can be easy

MPDS®BASIC can be expanded step by step until it becomes an automated process development system. Depending on the stage of expansion, further reaction-relevant data can be acquired, which is necessary for up-scaling on an industrial scale at a later date.
The MPDS®BASIC represents the maximum stage of expansion with which the space-time yield, for example, can be determined and radiation-related parameters can be defined. The optimal lamp performance can also be verified for the process, which is essential for the cost estimation of an industrial photoreactor. Smaller product batches can be manufactured close to production in the MPDS®EVO under non-GMP conditions.

MPDS EVO special configuration

Safety & Functionality

The MPDS®EVO Set includes the photonCABINET which is a double walled, light-proof protective cabinet made of stainless steel. I fulfills the legal requirements for personal safety agains optical radiation and protects surrounding materials against aging. The photonCABINET it is the only product on the market that meets the high requirements of the applicable standards, is CE compliant and also practicable and functional for operators. The necessary measures implemented for having a safe and functional product are well designed and protected by international patents.

UV radiation is harmful to eyes and skin and can cause irreparable personal injury. Furthermore materials in the ambient exposed to the UV radiation, will undergo an accelerated aging and can be destroyed. Medium pressure radiation sources have a surface temperature of up to 850° C and operate with lethal high voltage. Solvents may not present a explosion hazard for the user. The operation of photoreactors without optical protective device equipped with safety lock (aluminum foil, acrylic glass) is not allowed since the related normative standard was becoming mandatory (01.10.2013). In addition the risk analysis in accordance with EN ISO 12100 confirm, that an operation without safety cabinet is no longer sufficient and does not meet the requirements to protect employees by the owner / operator of the lab, who can be fully accountable and responsible for personal injury.

Therefore photoreactors of the MPDS® modular system always come along initially with the light-proof protective cabinet, which moreover provide the electrical power to the electronic power supplies for operating the radiation sources. Photochemical experiments are therefore absolutely safe. The unique photonCABINET is practicable, easy to use and inexpensive to purchase.

photoLAB Batch-S Low volume photoreactor 10-20 ml

photoLAB Batch-S

Low volume photoreactor
10-20 ml

photoLAB Batch-M Mid volume photoreactor 250-400 ml

photoLAB Batch-M

Mid volume photoreactor
250-400 ml

photoLAB Batch-L High volume photoreactor 400-700 ml

photoLAB Batch-L

High volume photoreactor
400-700 ml

photoLAB Deep temperature photoreactor


Deep temperature photoreactor

photoLAB Falling-Film photoreactor


Falling-Film photoreactor

photoLAB Tube photoreactor

photoLAB Tube


photoLAB Sideloop photoreactor

photoLAB Sideloop


photoLAB Micro photoreactor Medium pressure

photoLAB Batch-L

Micro photoreactor
Medium pressure

photoLAB Micro photoreactor LED


Micro photoreactor

novaLIGHT TQ150 Medium pressure

nova®LIGHT TQ150

Medium pressure

novaLIGHT TXE150 Xenon

nova®LIGHT TXE 150


novaLIGHT TLP15 Low pressure

nova®LIGHT TLP15

Low pressure

novaLIGHT TLED100 High power LED

nova®LIGHT TLED100

High power LED

novaLIGHT FLED100 Flat-LED

nova®LIGHT FLED100


novaLIGHT CUBE100 Flat-Medium pressure

nova®LIGHT CUBE100

Flat-Medium pressure

powerBOX TQ150



powerBOX TXE150



powerBOX TLP15



powerBOX FLED 100



powerBOX CUBE 100



thermoCONTROL 100
Cladding tube HR1-L

Quartz glass

Cladding tube HR2-L

Quartz glass,
Borosilicate glass,
Filter tubes

Cladding tube HR3-L

Quartz glass,
Borosilicate glass

Cladding tube HR4-L

Quartz glass,
Borosilicate glass




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