Photoreactors – lab, pilot and industrial scale

Peschl Inc. is a subsidiary of the German Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH and specialized in manufacturing state-of-the-art photoreactors that meet the highest quality standards. In addition to commercial scale photoreactors we offer a wide range of application-optimized standard photoreactors as well as special light sources as a modular system to support fundamental, but also process related experiments in the lab.

As the market leader in applied photochemistry, we have been supplying efficient photoreactors for large-scale production worldwide for over 38 years. Our science-based consulting services and automated process development systems enable successful up-scaling in a short time.

A technology changing revolution


Peschl has developed a breakthrough LED technology with the same refractive index as the immersion tube. The design has been carefully conceived to create a homogeneous light pattern that avoids dark zones and hot spots. The LED photoreactors are available with an impressive power consumption of up to 5 kW power per lamp, equivalent to a 30 kW medium pressure lamp.

The wavelengths range from 365 nm to 625 nm and achieve efficiency rates of up to 60%. A wide range of robust and reliable industrial scale LED photoreactors is offered. In addition LED photoreactors are available as flameproof versions.

Special photoreactors for different applications

  • Photoreactors for industrial production
  • Pilot reactors for the validation of the determined parameters
  • Process development systems for the determination of required parameters
  • Standard photoreactors for basic research in the laboratory

Construction, commissioning, qualification and documentation according to pharmaceutical standard with extensive experience. We show you an excerpt of the possible applications or photochemical processes in which photoreactors can be used.


  • Photochemical process consulting
  • Risk assessment / HAZOP support
  • system sizing
  • Dimensioning the required lamp power
  • Development of high-performance photoreactors
  • Optical measurements