LED photoreactors for laboratories

Based on the effective light length of 100 mm, the LED technology can be directly compared to other light sources from the MPDS process development system. Furthermore, the design enables a linear „up-scaling“ to the pilot systems of Peschl. The adjustment of the immersion depth to the different reactors is carried out by the lamp holder designed for this purpose with flexible, pressure-tested hoses as well as heat sinks. The LED chips are bonded using SMD technology and thus offer a high radiant flux with a compact design.

The lens technology mounted on the chips creates an optimal beam angle. In the current generation, the geometry has been drastically reduced, minimising dark zones at the interface to ensure high output efficiency at the cladding tube wall. In this lamp set, the LED light source is offered as a set with an integrated lamp holder and a dedicated power supply.

LED immersion lamps for labs

The novaLIGHT has an internal cooling system. It must be tempered via a cooling unit. We recommend the thermoCONTROL 100 as an optioanl accessory. Above 65° C, the lamp is automatically deactivated by a protective cut-off system.

In case of exothermic or high-temperature reactions, where a temperature of <65° cannot be guaranteed, the novaLIGHT must be additionally placed in a cooling tube for thermal decoupling from the process area and, if necessary, tempered with an external cooling unit. All components can be purchased as accessories. Thus, this special light source can also be used for extreme high and low temperature reactions.

Please note: For safety reasons prescribed by law, the nova-LIGHTs can only be operated in a light-tight protective cabinet, the so-called photonCABINET. The power supply and the connection of the lamps are realized via a system cable that is supplied together with the photonCABINET.

novaLIGHT TLED 100

High power LED immersion lamp

The novaLIGHT TLED 100 laboratory immersion lamps, as part of the MPDS development system, are patent pending liquid cooled high power LED immersion lamps for photochemical reactions.
This innovative light source offers an high quasi-monochromatic radiation flux. Due to the specially developed driver board for control and evaluation, the LED immersion lamp can be dimmed continuously between 20% and 100%. Based on the effective light length of 100 mm, a direct comparison of the LED technology to other radiation sources from the MPDS process development system can be made. Furthermore, the design allows a linear „up-scaling“ to the pilot systems of Peschl Ultraviolet GmbH.

TLED 100 LED Lamp for photoreactor

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